Le bulletin Municipal

Prendre part aux décisions concernant leur cadre de vie, En tant que citoyens, représentés par les conseillers municipaux. Ils peuvent devenir force de proposition.


Budget & Projects

The Municipality of Kasserine constant concern to obtain the best possible financial conditions for sustainable development.


City Directory

electronic inventory to meet the needs of visitors, phone numbers, addresses of authorities, and the routes to the sites chosen.


Culture & Hobby


Tunisia has been a crossroads of civilizations and culture, inheritance of some 3 000 years of history reflects a country that has been at the heart of great civilizations.


We focus on the sport as a vehicle for peace and an ideal integration tool because it naturally carries with it the values of respect.


We focus on the important role of youth in contributing to the progress of the region and the consolidation of its achievements

Opinions & call for tenders

Find communal opinion, calls meetings, laws and regulations, and orders, refer to the communal officials - elected or administratifs- and delegate their specific skills.


Look at the tender being the city of Kasserine, and the history of the contracts concluded in the current year

Appel d'offre



Pre-printed to fill are available to you, download and print.


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  • Commune de Kasserine
  • Tél:+216 77.474.288 (8:30 - 17:30)
  • E.mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Adresse: Place de la révolution, 1200 Kasserine

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